Jürgen Maria Waffenschmidt
Fotograf aus Passion - Videograf - Künstler - Produzent

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An island which is an artist of it`s own behalf.

A breath-taking new experience of one of the most beautiful places of our planet.  

For Jürgen Maria Waffenschmidt Iceland is it's own artist.  

Having lived on the island for over six months has influenced the videographer and photographer - born in Cologne, Germany - dramatically.  

His artistic filming style shows the magic of the volcano island in a unique and new perspective.  

He envisions himself as portrayer of nature´s beauty. Therefore he developed his own imaginary: Jürgen Maria Waffenschmidt captures the viewer's imagination through aesthetic and creative picture variations never seen before.  

People of Iceland themselves are fascinated by the new video and image recordings by which Waffenschmidt shows the island, nature, people and animals in a stunnig dramatic combination.  

The drone-made shots provide perspectives of a genuine and artistic Iceland.  

Waffenschmidt knows how to catch Iceland at the right moment – extraordinary.  

Amazing and unique shots are the result.  

Iceland as a country currently is growing in a rapid way: Economic development and tourism continue to rise.

At the turn of the millennium there were 300,000 tourists per year, 2014 was the first time over one million people came to visit. In the year 2016 the mark of 1.7 millions was broken.  

18 months and numerous adventures on Iceland later his vast and manifold video and photo collection contains a show that turns the audience into curious and amazed visitors of a land never

seen that way before – as well as the citizens of Iceland themselves.  

A new and innovative perspective in 4K is a welcome change to the well-known classic photo material shown so far.  

The various trailers provide a close look to the unbounded creative power of Waffenschmidt during his stay on Iceland. Video, timelapse, camera movements and a drone – all the huge efforts  

were driven by the photomaniac's claim to capture "his" way of seeing Iceland.  

The clips contain snapshots of 24 months of work.  

„I am no geologist, no volcanologist“, Waffenschmidt says about his work.  

„No, I am photographer by pure passion. I captured the diversity of this breath-taking nature in the right light – at the right moment“.  

Present Iceland as it has never been presented and seen before!  

Images tell us more than words – they create desire. They let us participate with the beauty of Earth.  

Iceland shows, what the creation can bring to all of us...

Enchant your audience!  

The video database contains pretty much everything what this unique land and nature presents to us.  

Moreover: Not only nature – also various shots of daily life are included.  

There are many possibilities to present Iceland with my photographic material – all languages, individual, custom-made presentations – almost everything can be produced.  

Plus, there is the opportunity to take a report on my person, my story - and the way I work.  

Jürgen Maria Waffenschmidt's service range comprises classic and/or artistic material – depending on the customers request:  

Common, authentic and yet different documentaries or single theme-oriented clips showing sequences over the volcanic island.  

2x 60 or 2-3 x 45 minutes can be produced by Waffenschmidt.  

More is possible, everything you can imaging is possible.  

With photographic greetings